Women Come Together to Support Women Struggles

As women, we have been struggling with inequality for a long time, but today we are come together to address issues of  women empowerment, struggles, courage and support. As we recognize this day, International Women’s Day which was established to address issues of inequality and women rights matters against women.  On this day, these boycotts, rallies, demonstrations are being held across of the country. It’s a place where women can go and be heard, recognized and honored for their services and contribution in support of women.

As part of the IWD, the founders created #ADayWithoutAWoman, where women are called upon to 1. Take the day off from their jobs paid or unpaid(to show their support of how women make a difference in the workplace); some businesses and institutions either closed or gave women the day off); 2. To wear red in solidarity and;  3. don’t purchase anything unless you are purchasing from a woman owned business owner. In many industry areas, women are out numbering men in the workplace.  One such area is in the field of education, most teachers are women, and some school districts were affected and had to close down schools because there were not enough substitutes to provide service to the students. Washington, DC area was one of the areas affected by such closure.

Let us as women, continue to support each other, for I know that we can be catty sometimes.  We are not always the friendliest to each other but we must put our hearts into what we are doing and support each other for the betterment of all. When I see women coming together in such large groups, I think to myself, now when this is over, are you going to go back into your community and be a beacon of light to support women owned businesses, to support women in their efforts in the community, to help women who are suffering with different situations who may come to you for help.  So many times, I think that before long,  we go back and fall into our same routines until the next event comes along. In order to be taken seriously, we have to be stronger and more supportive to each other.  When we work together, we can recreate great things. We must continue to speak out and fight for what we want and need as women in the community.

Feel free to share your feelings on this matter.  We’d love to hear from you.