My Southern Style Food Gallery 1

Growing up in the South, many times I would watch my mother and grandmother prepare dishes for the family.  Although I don’t prize  myself as being a great cook, I believe I can hold my own. Being a single woman and cooking for myself on most occasions, I feel that there  is a lot more that I can do to make my dishes better.  My sister-in-law said to me one time, “that I cook like our parents did,” but to me, it doesn’t quite seem that way. In my food section of my blog, I will share some of the dishes that I prepare from time to time. Hope you enjoy seeing them.


Ground Turkey Chili
Stewed Chicken w/Sliced Collard Greens Topping
Green Lima Beans w/Whole Okra
Jiffy Vege Cornbread Muffins
Sliced Ground Turkey Meatloaf