Have you recently had a baby and your weeks of maternity leave or up, you have trouble finding a babysitter, or you are just not ready to part with that bundle of joy?  Many companies are now implementing an “infants at Work Policy, ” allowing new mom or dads to bring their infants to the office and care for them on the job. According to the Parenting in the Workplace Institute, ” many organizations have a “babies at work” policy. Some 200 companies and organizations are now involved in this program.  There are certain limitation that are set, however, its becoming and is very effective.

As some companies are now allowing you to bring your baby to work, many have not caught on to this new trend, so to speak, however, the list is continuing to grow as companies consider this option of “Infants at Work Policy” bringing your baby to work with you after your maternity leave period has ended.  There are things that a company must do to accommodate this situation, for some coworkers  might see it as a nightmare, as presented in the article by A. Pawlowski,  ‘Baby at work’ policies gain momentum with parents, employers.  There are guidelines that must be in place in order to accommodate this idea, such as a baby free zone, as stated by Carla Moquin, founder of Parenting in the Workplace Institute. Workplace accommodations to bring baby to work can include the following:

  1.  Babies cannot be disruptive
  2. Babies who can’t yet crawl

Check with you employer to see if such plan is in place at your organization. There is no greater joy than to be able to spend more time with your baby after you’ve had to return to work.  Of course, this is quite different from the annual take your child to work day. This program can last for several weeks, and its great for the new parent and baby.

Share your thoughts with us regarding this program.  Is this program available in your workplace?