8 Tips To Investing Her Way

Why is it that women ft.com tend to fear investing in the stock market. What a better way to own a part of something that you may or maynot use on a daily basis, or your friends maybe using.  The stock opened on the market today as an initial public offering(IPO).  What stock am I referring to, Snapchat.  No, I’m not a financial guru, but I’ve bitten the bullet over the last few years investing in the stock market.  I started my first account by opening up a mutual fund account and then graduated to opening an individual(personal) investment account.  I’ve even dabbled in some day trading, but I don’t do that anymore. I would admit at first, independent investing was a bit scary. But I wanted to do it, and I DID IT! And did you know that female investors often beat men.  Here are eight tips to help you start you little nest egg.

1.       Hire a broker if you desire.

2.      You can open an individual account online w/a brokerage.

3.      Find a stock or company you like.

4.      Check out the company financial standing.

5.      Invest in a small amounts of shares.

6.      Form a girls financial group.

7.      If your stock drops, don’t panic.

8.      Monitor your account frequently

For the most part, I’ve enjoyed watching my accounts grow over time, however, I do have one  regret, and that is back in 2011-2012, I purchased two shares of Amazon stock, all I could afford at the time at or  around $120 per share, well, you see where they are today, around $800 per share.

Now, did I always make gains in my investments, no. Sometimes I lost, just like anyone else, but its what I call my FUN account, and it has served as a great experience for.  I currently have two of these accounts and have had them for about five years now and will continue to hold them until I want to cash them out. Make it fun and keep it interesting.  Give it a try.