1 Item Every Career-Minded Girl Needs In Her Closet

No matter where you work, how you work, when you work, there is one item that every girl needs in her closet.  It should be crisp, white and it buttons down the front.  I’m sure you know by now what that item or piece of clothing is, right? Yes, a lovely white shirt.  Having a couple of white shirts in your closet can work wonders for your clothing wardrobe. It is the single most important piece of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe according to Stacy Wallace-Albert.

A white shirt can be worn with many pieces of many colors. It can be worn with a skirt or it can be worn with a pair of  slacks, and to add a little bit of a professional look to every woman’s style, you can add a jacket for a stunning finish, or even wear it over  sweater.  White shirts are the universal top, in my opinion, there is just absolutely nothing that wont look good with it.

I went on a white shirt hunt a few months ago and ended up with two.  During my search I wanted to make sure that I ended up with shirts that I adore and were functional.  If you haven’t purchased a white shirt to add to your wardrobe, it would be a good idea to do so, and if you don’t believe the myth, the white shirt speaks fashion as explained by Coco Chanel in the article, 6 Perfect White Shirts for Women-Real Simple.

When purchasing a white shirt, keep the following in mind:

  • A white shirt can go from business to travel.
  • It has a clean look, its crisp and gives a sophisticated look.
  • It can be worn inside or out.
  • It should be of cotton finish with some stretch to it, and fits comfortable on.

If you are especially working in a corporate environment, you know the importance of this little white clothing item that can speak volumes for you. And when you are going on an interview it can be worn with your navy blue or black suite. Let it speak for itself.  Wear it with pose, wear it with style, just wear it!